Posted on October 20, 2015

A Complete List of Mobile Bible Apps: Idea #39

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With the constant development and release of new mobile devices comes with many more mobile Bible apps on all the various mobile platforms. That is to say, there’s more out there than iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). There’s also a bunch of other mobile operating systems, including: Amazon Kindle, Nook, BlackBerry, HP/Palm WebOS, Maemo/Meego, PalmOS Classic, Symbian, Windows Phone, and more.

One of the biggest lists I’ve seen is curated by Antoine RJ Wright at Mobile Ministry Magazine, at: Even though the description says it’s “a short listing of some free (and low-cost) text and audio Bibles,” it’s significant for its history of maintaining an updated list since 2010 and its broad span of many mobile OSes.


There’s a shorter list compiled by ChurchMag titled The Big List of 20+ Bible Apps for Mobile Devices, posted in July 2010. And a list of Top 12 Bible Apps for Android Phones with over 134,350 views.

According to this 2013 article in The Atlantic, ‘’The market for religious apps is fiercely competitive; searching for “bible” in the Apple App Store returns 5,185 results.’‘

And when I just did a search right now (at the time of this writing), the App Store returned 8,522 results for a search on “bible.” Scanning the list of results, not every app was the entire Bible. Results also included Bible devotions, Bible games and quizzes, Bible verses, wallpapers, videos, prayers, readings, commentaries, songs, audios, and other Bible-related apps. Then there’s also non-biblical generic uses of the word “bible” as a definitive guide on other topics, like interior design, apartments, and beauty & makeup.

Do you know of a more comprehensive listing of mobile Bible apps, somewhere out there on the Internet? Please add a comment and share it, to help people find the Bible apps for their mobile devices.

Wouldn’t it be valuable and useful to have a listing that would provide this information in one place? That would make it easier to find mobile Bible apps, right?

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