Posted on May 16, 2017

Boost Search Engine Ranking with a Relevant Domain Extension

Posted on May 16, 2017 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, SEO Research

How does a domain name affect a website's search engine ranking? New research has shown that having a relevant domain name extension can boost the organic search engine ranking of a website. While all domain extensions stand on equal ground with regards to SEO performance, this research found potential advantages to using meaningful and keyword-relevant domain name extensions. This infographic illustrates top findings from the research:

This research was done by Web Traffic Advisors by commission from Domain Name Association. In addition to the infographic, an executive summary of this research report, "Hidden Advantages of a Relevant Domain Name Extension," is available for as an instant download at (after email submission.)

On a related note, Moz surveyed 150 search-engine experts on the top search engine ranking factors. 4 out of the top 9 most influential factors are domain-related, as show in this chart:

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