Posted on July 1, 2016

Christianbook.Bible helps people with choosing the perfect Bible for them

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In this featured article, you’ll learn about how thousands of people are being helped by the resources and tools at Christianbook.Bible.

 What is Christianbook.Bible?

Christianbook.Bible is a content rich, informational site that seeks to educate our visitors on the different styles, types and translations of Bibles. We realize that choosing a Bible can be an overwhelming task to some individuals — and yet it’s one of the most important purchases a person will ever make.

To help visitors make the best choice, we offer an informative, friendly narrative of tools to make that choice as easy as possible. This includes informative guides addressing such topics as font size, an overview of the various translations, bindings, and types of Bibles – such as devotional, study, compact, journaling, etc.

Christianbook.Bible will help all visitors, especially first time readers, to navigate what can be an otherwise daunting task. We believe this could be the most significant purchase someone can make, and want to help them take the guesswork out of finding the best Bible available for them.

How has the new domain name Christianbook.Bible made a difference for has been selling Christian products direct to consumers worldwide for over 35 years. One of the things that we have witnessed from our customers is confusion when faced with buying a new or first time Bible. We are often asked for help from these customers, who frequently ask questions such as, “What does compact mean? What is a study Bible? How do I know that the notes will apply to me? What’s a good Bible for my daughter/son/husband/wife/friend? What’s a good font size for me? What’s the difference between translations? What does Smyth sewn mean?”

Christianbook.Bible is the perfect resource to help aide any person in their quest for answers to these questions.

In fact, Christianbook.Bible has made purchasing a Bible significantly easier for everybody. Now a visitor has access to thoughtful and knowledgeable resources that are sometimes overwhelming on an ecommerce platform. Our related e-commerce site has the Bible available in over 50 translations and 18 languages, along with numerous styles and bindings. Christianbook.Bible explains the differences of these styles in a concise, easy to understand fashion, on a simple one-page format.

We believe that visitors to the Christianbook.Bible website are better informed and more confident in their choices prior to purchasing a Bible. All of the guesswork has been taken out of the search, so that visitors can know exactly what they are looking for, whether it is for their personal devotional time, giving as a gift, or studying deeper meaning in the Word.

What kind of response have you received about your usage of Christianbook.Bible?

Since our launch, the tools on Christianbook.Bible have helped thousands of visitors easily choose the perfect Bible for their needs. We are excited to continue being a trusted resource for anybody seeking answers on how to find a Bible.

What are the future plans for Christianbook.Bible?

Christianbook.Bible is an exciting opportunity for We look forward to engaging customers further on our content site by including additional information, such a verse of the day, as well as other expanded content on our site.

It is our desire to let visitors truly understand all of the options available to them by discussing all of the formats available in their Bible search. It is our desire that they can easily discover what fits their devotional time in the best way possible. We are committed to aiding them in their search to find the unique resource that will help them delve deeper into the Word as easily as possible.