Posted on September 26, 2018

Connect with God’s Word On A Deeper Level

Posted on September 26, 2018 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples, Spiritual

Did you know there exists a blog collective written simply to help you connect with God’s Word?

Are you curious about:

  • Understanding the paradoxes in biblical poetry?
  • Discovering your ancestry in the family of the Bible?
  • Arming yourself with biblical encouragement for paralyzing anxiety or worry?

Welcome to Blog.Bible.

As you browse Blog.Bible, you’ll encounter practical ideas and guidance to help you engage deeper with Scripture. You’ll explore insights for leading others into Bible engagement and find strength in God’s Word to face everyday struggles.

The collective is organized into three sections, each packed with valuable and inspiring posts that will leave you engaging with scripture long after you’ve finished reading.

Would you like to encounter God in His Word? Ask big questions and find answers through meditation and study? Start with the Bible Engager’s Blog.

Would you like biblical direction with everyday struggles like financial worries and anxiety? You’ll find encouragement in the Bible Blog.

If Spanish is your heart language, you’ll find a home at Blog de la Biblia. This all-Spanish blog is dedicated to equipping you with wisdom and insight for living out the Bible's message in your everyday life.

As a fun way to engage the younger generation, site users can sign up to receive free coloring pages!

A project of the American Bible Society, Blog.Bible is another way ABS is breaking down the barriers to God's Word across the globe.

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