Posted on May 11, 2018

Developing Christian Nonprofit Leaders at Leadership.Bible

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One big announcement at the Outcomes Conference 2018 was the relaunching of Leadership.Bible! We love telling stories of ministries that are using .BIBLE domain names to instantly associate their programs that have its foundation in the Bible.

Leadership.Bible is now the website for the Outcomes Leadership Core, that came about through a collaboration between Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) and Lead Like Jesus. (The website previously was home for a CLA-specific leadership training program.)

The Outcomes Leadership Core is a transformational experience for developing leaders who lead like Jesus through four pathways: identity, integration, immersion, and inspiration. Through these four pathways, a leader gains an accurate self-awareness, experiences heart change on the inside, develops competent skills, and continues growing personally.

The Outcomes Leadership Core is designed to help nonprofit leaders thrive and lead like Jesus Christ in every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

Dr. Owen Phelps summarized how leadership comes from the inside:

Leadership is about relationships more than structure – much more. So it may seem counter-intuitive that leadership begins on the inside. But effective leadership, especially Jesus-like leadership, does begin on the inside. It starts with the leader’s motivation.

Not all amazing leaders are consciously trying to lead like Jesus. Some don’t even believe in God, much less aspire to be guided by the Son of God. It’s possible to be a good, effective servant leader by staying focused on the organization’s mission and developing a set of behaviors that consistently conforms to that commitment.

Start on the pathway to become more like Jesus in how you lead and live. Visit Leadership.Bible now »

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