Posted on January 28, 2019

Disciple-Making Disciples: Insight from Harmony.Bible

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Check out a recent episode of Future.Bible podcast, where our host Kenny Jhang talks with the creators of Harmony.Bible!

In this informative episode, Greg Troxell and Fr. Rob Eaton share the vision behind the cooperative ministry of Harmony Bible, whose mission is to help prepare disciple-making disciples.

Greg encourages those who are just diving into the Bible to resist the urge to start at the beginning, and to instead start with the life of Jesus in the Gospels:

“...get the whole story of the Gospel through the lens of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And then you can look backwards towards the Old Testament and the Old Testament laws and the Old Testament customs will start to make sense…”

Many of the resources on Harmony.Bible (almost all are shared for free of charge) emphasize the Harmony of the Gospels, which is a term describing the overlap of the Gospels as it refers to Jesus’ life. The Harmony of the Gospels Index organizes the Gospel text into five phases to emphasize transitions in Jesus’ life and ministry which highlight key principles for ministry. The scriptures paint a picture of Jesus’ life, taking stories from all the Gospel authors.

As explained by Greg:

“Jesus didn’t start with a script. He was the script, right? … So following the life of Christ, that becomes our script as we’re trying to develop and emerge ourselves as spiritual disciplers.”

Check out the podcast today and learn more about Harmony.Bible.

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