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Equipping Christ-centered Leaders at Leadership.Bible

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You learn to lead by leading and you can learn from the examples of great leaders too. A select number of Christian ministries are leading by example in their use of .BIBLE domain names. Christian Leadership Alliance is one of our .BIBLE’s Pioneer Partner and this interview highlights how they’re using Leadership.Bible to equip Christ-centered leaders.

What is Leadership.Bible?

Leadership.Bible is the website for Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA)’s new lifelong learning experience – Outcomes 365, which is designed to activate and accelerate a person’s leadership experience over the course of a single year. It is built upon the best of CLA’s core leadership development experiences and resources, and is designed to strengthen the outcomes of a leader’s kingdom work.

CLA represents world changing leaders from Christian nonprofit ministries, churches, businesses and educational institutions. CLA unites, trains and equips Christian leaders to think higher for greater kingdom gain, with the ultimate goal of seeing those leaders transform the world for Christ. With 40 years of experience, CLA offers a unique blend of biblically based resources and experiences for today’s Christian leader.

The Outcomes 365 experience featured on Leadership.Bible fully integrates the best of CLA’s core development experiences and resources, including:

  1. The Outcomes Mentoring Network: Be mentored by an experienced Christian leader. CLA’s mentors average more than 25 years of leadership experience.
  2. Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) program: Gain your professional credential in Christian nonprofit leadership.
  3. CLA Online Academy training: Participate in in-depth online leadership training created by CLA, on a platform powered by Azusa Pacific University College.
  4. The Outcomes Conference “Academic Experience”: CLA’s annual Outcomes conference provides an unparalleled leadership development experience.
  5. Outcomes magazine: Be subscribed to CLA’s highly valued national magazine, featuring thought leaders from across the Christian world.
  6. Monthly “Encore Series” Webcasts: Experience top rated presenters from the past year’s Outcomes conference in these “Encore” leadership webcast.
  7. CLA “Higher Thinking” Blog: Receive CLA’s weekly leadership blog, featuring voices offering higher thinking for today’s Christian leader.
  8. CLA’s Daily Digital Paper: Get CLA’s daily leadership news, aggregated and delivered directly into your inbox each morning.
  9. CLATV: Internet TV and radio for leaders: Experience CLA’s eStation CLATV offering some of the most compelling voices in Christian leadership today.

CLA believes a Biblical foundation is imperative for developing Christ-centered leaders and is emphasizing this through its web address Leadership.Bible as the home of the Outcomes365 leadership experience.

So this yearlong biblical leadership experience is called “Outcomes365.” Why are outcomes important for biblical Christian leaders?

We believe that Christian leaders and organizations should be the pace setters for excellence. Our mission is to equip and unite leaders who will transform the world for Christ. Leadership growth is a daily commitment. Outcomes365 is uniquely designed to activate and accelerate personal leadership growth, and offer in-depth insight on the pursuit of organizational excellence. We offer biblically-based training in eight core leadership tracks. Outcomes 365 offers daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual experiences that will inspire and unlock a leader’s God-given potential.

How does Outcomes365 help with this “lifelong process” of leadership development?

Scripture tell us: “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out.” Proverbs 18:15

The keys to a lifelong process of leadership development are to know our strengths, to understand God’s unique design for us as leaders, to seek wise mentors, and to dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement through lifelong learning. We must continually encounter new ideas and gain a deeper understanding of how to best steward our talents. We must commit ourselves to investing in our personal leadership growth so that we can better fulfill the kingdom missions to which we’ve been called.

Outcomes365 is designed to help a leaders achieve these goals.

Because every leader learns differently, CLA offers a wide range of diverse biblically based leadership experiences and resources: from online learning to in-person conference training; from our “higher thinking” blog to one-hour webcasts; from a quarterly national magazine to a daily digital paper, and from CLATV to in-depth leadership mentoring and so much more!

Through CLA, notable influencers and thinkers in Christian nonprofit leadership share what’s coming and what you need to know. CLA offers insight in areas such as: leading well as a Christian executive, hiring and growing your staff, managing finances with excellence, developing and stewarding resources in a God-honoring way, and capitalizing on this unique social media moment. CLA also explores topics such as utilizing technology wisely, establishing your organization’s brand, ensuring biblically sound governance, leading the next generation and much more.

What kind of response have you noticed to Leadership.Bible?

Interest in the experience is coming from those organizations that place a high priority on the development of their leaders. They value investing in leaders and know the outcomes are great when they unlock more of a leader’s God-given potential. We are also seeing interest from newer ministries that view Outcomes365 and its access to biblically-based best practices from proven leadership experts as a powerful way to fill the gap for personal development of their staffs. It’s exciting to see start-up organizations recognize early the benefits of establishing a solid leadership team.

What are the similarities and differences between Leadership.Bible and the upcoming Outcomes Conference this April in Dallas?

Outcomes365 featured at Leadership.Bible is a more holistic year-round leadership experience, which includes registration for the in-depth “Academic Experience” at the Outcomes Conference. This annual conference offers more than 350-hours of leadership training, and allows Outcomes365 participants the opportunity to engage in a classroom environment where they learn directly from peers, experts and practitioners. At this event they are able to network with like-minded leaders, initiate collaboration, and earn the points required for their Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) status.

Whether you’re leading a ministry or business with a staff of 10 or 1,000, you’ll sharpen your leadership skills and perspectives in a fast-changing world through Outcomes365. Visit Leadership.Bible to accelerate your leadership journey today!


Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) is a national association of leaders from Christian nonprofit ministries and businesses across the United States. CLA unites, trains, and equips Christian leaders to think higher for greater kingdom gain. To learn more visit Visit Leadership.Bible to learn more about Outcomes365: a yearlong experience to equip leaders for excellence.


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