Posted on March 11, 2019

Evidence that Moses Wrote the First 5 Books of the Bible

Posted on March 11, 2019 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples

Is the Bible the inspired Word of God, or is it a book of fables and myths? Despite the skepticism of mainstream scholars who question the faith of Jews and Christians alike, award-winning investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney seeks scientific evidence that Moses actually wrote the first books of the Bible. 

Mahoney’s first biblical archaeology film, 2015’s Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, was so popular that it sold out theaters and led to an encore presentation. Now, Mahoney is ready to release the sequel.

This brand-new examination into The Moses Controversy uncovers rock-solid evidence you have to see to believe! Learn more at

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Michael Foust at Crosswalk lists 4 Reasons to Watch Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy:

  1. 1. It Examines a Significant Issue
  2. 2. It’s Entertaining (and Educational, Too)
  3. 3. It Simplifies the Complex
  4. 4. It Strengthens Your Faith

Read the full article to understand why this movie is so important to see. Also watch this video, What People are Saying about The Moses Controversy.