Posted on November 19, 2018

Exploring Faith Questions

Posted on November 19, 2018 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples

Have you ever asked yourself if the events in the Bible really happened?

As you teach your children about your faith heritage and hear their questions, do doubts cross your mind?

A lot of people, if they are honest, admit to suffering from doubts about their faith.

PatternsofEvidence.Bible has been asking questions, too. And they have answers.

For more than a decade, Director Tim Mahoney inquired and investigated, which turned into an award-winning documentary film called Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. During that time, Tim’s doubts and questions were answered and his belief was confirmed. He found an incredible pattern of evidence matching the foundational biblical account we have been taught, and are passing on to the next generation:

  • The arrival of Joseph and his family in Egypt
  • Their multiplication and enslavement
  • The judgement of Egypt
  • The exodus of the people of Israel out of Egypt
  • The conquest of the Promised Land

There was evidence for every step!

Finding a home on PatternsofEvidence.Bible, the domain name makes clear the subject of the project. Site visitors will find access to the film, trailers, endorsements, and a wealth of resources for dissecting the information even further.

There are also resources for kids

During each Young Explorer episode, Mahoney sends secret invitations which direct the kids to search their Bibles for clues related to their upcoming adventure. The 5 episodes range in topic from The Adventure of Abraham’s Promise to The Mystery of Joshua and the Falling Walls of Jericho.

In addition, homeschool curriculum is available for students of all ages.

BONUS: RightNow Media subscribers can access the film and youth resources, along with a study guide!

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