Posted on January 2, 2019

Feed.Bible Understands Youth

Posted on January 2, 2019 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples

Wouldn’t it be great to have insight into the spiritual tendencies of the youth of this generation? Do they consider themselves Christian? Do they see themselves as religious? Interested in the Bible?

The innovators at Feed.Bible propose a new way of conducting youth ministry— one that takes into consideration the unique characteristics of today’s youth. As described on their site, Feed is “dedicated to seeing youth ministries in North America succeed in raising up the next generation of Christians.”

Feed.Bible’s research-driven strategy is anchored in three core values:

  1. Open and honest dialogue: Teens have serious questions about God, and often times, doubts. Let’s give them a safe place to have honest conversations.
  2. Robust Scripture engagement: In the midst of a post-truth culture, it’s critical that teens engage in God’s Word so they can start building a faith foundation.
  3. Outcome-based ministry models: Feed uses research and information to determine goals and then plan activities, measuring both progress and failure.

Among the resources offered is a 5-minute value assessment, designed to help youth leaders develop a more effective ministry. Questions cover demographics as well as activities within the group, like:

  • How often the teachings “walk” students through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.
  • The frequency by which leadership utilizes metrics when evaluating the ministry.
  • Expression of spiritual health of students and leaders.

The insights gained help Feed provide immediate and actionable insight and feedback that can be integrated into ministry right away.

A Catechism Designed for Youth

Also designed for youth is a catechism. Historically, we have seen catechisms used to instruct new believers in the essentials of a denomination. What a great way to systematically instruct youth about the Christian faith! These building blocks provide the foundation needed to challenge cultural heresies, and also form a community of believers based around these common beliefs and experiences. (A copy of this catechism can be downloaded for free!)

Take a moment today to assess your youth ministry. Go to Feed.Bible and utilize the helpful resources they offer, and choose just one action step to improve your ministry this week.

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