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For Bible Scholars who Study the Scriptures: Idea #43

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The Bible is unlike any book, authored by 40 authors over 1500+ years, with historical and cultural depth that touch on many academic disciplines. Beyond the devotional reading of the Scriptures and teaching the plain meaning of the text, there are many scholastic dimensions for studying the Bible’s original languages, its historical context, its original cultures, and wrestling with the author’s intent, wording, meaning and interpretation of the biblical text itself.


Here’s a sampling of the resources available on the Internet for Bible scholars:

The 20 Most Influential Christian Scholars — Super Scholar’s 20 most influential Christian scholars have profoundly influenced the world by advancing Christian belief, by reconceptualizing it, or even by fundamentally challenging it. In any case, each of the thinkers below has deeply impacted Western culture’s self-understanding.

The Biblical Archaeology Society has a section under Bible History Daily titled Scholar’s Study with “the Biblical world’s most important and exciting finds and insights come from the actual archaeologists and Biblical scholars who excavate and study—legendary archaeologists and Biblical scholars like Yigael Yadin, William F. Albright and William Dever to name a few.”

Oxford Biblical Studies Online provides a comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history. “The integration of authoritative scholarly texts and reference works with tools that provide ease of research into the background, context, and issues related to the Bible make Oxford Biblical Studies Online a valuable resource not only for college students, scholars, and clergy, but also anyone in need of an authoritative, ecumenical, and up-to-date resource.”

Bible Scholars is “concerned with information of a religious nature, although we are certainly not limited to religious studies in the strictest sense of the word.” This website’s about page goes on to describe its purpose and quest:

The purpose of Bible Scholars is to try to separate fact from fiction, truth from error, and to assist those searching after truth in finding purpose and meaning in their lives.

... The quest of the true scholar is for truth. The true scholar is one who has no “creed.” He espouses no traditions he considers so sacred that he is not willing to change or make adjustments when confronted with truth.

Our purpose is simply to bring to you, our reader, the best, the most up-to-date, relevant information that will illuminate, educate and assist you in your quest for truth. ...

Bible Research ( is “Internet Resources for Students of Scripture… for Bible students who are looking for detailed information on the history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture.”

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies ( is “a resource for serious, scholarly studies of the early Christian writings and their social world; compiled and owned by Torrey Seland, Professor emeritus and former Dean of Studies, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger. Norway.”

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