Posted on August 1, 2018

Great Ideas For Kids To Experience the Greatest Story

Posted on August 1, 2018 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples

With their new .BIBLE domain name, it’s no question about which “story” the project called “Experience the Story” is referencing!

Experiencethestory.Bible, a project of OneHope, is a blog that compiles thoughtful and relevant strategies for helping the next generation experience the greatest story ever told. Their domain name fits perfectly with their brand, and even goes a step further by clarifying the project.

The earlier we are exposed to the wonders of the Bible, the better. Adults are not the only people who can grow and learn from God’s Word.

Through the Experiencethestory.Bible blog, information about the Bible and the lessons within it are communicated to children in a way they can both enjoy and thoroughly understand. In a way, it can be considered a digital bible study session. The website can help lead parents and guardians through spiritual discussions with their children.

Thought-provoking blog articles are written by the OneHope leadership and staff, and from guest bloggers all over the world. The posts’ audience span age groups, and categories include:

  • Family
  • Ideas
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Research
  • ...and more!

Pastors, teachers and parents utilize this Bible-based resource to help kids “Experience the Story” in a way that will truly transform their lives forever.

Let’s work together as we seek to raise kids to be strong in the Word.