Posted on March 22, 2018

How to quickly get your church to read the Bible together?

Posted on March 22, 2018 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Case Studies, Examples, Social Media

How can your church get people instantly connected to a Bible reading plan so that your entire church can read the Bible together?

H2O.Church in Ada, Oklahoma, found their solution in using the domain name H2OChurch.Bible as a call-to-action.

Communicating a message to people today is challenging in many ways. It often takes multiple messages sent repeatedly to get through for someone to sign up for your program.

Not only is it hard to get a message through, delivering that message efficiently can take considerable effort too. Instead of undertaking the costs to develop a new app or a new website for content delivery and engagement, creatively using newly available tools can quickly solve a problem.

Innovation birthed out of problems and limitations

H2O.Church needed a quick solution because of limited time and technology; they didn’t have the resources to build a solution from scratch.

As one pastor says, “Problems plus limitations equals innovation.”

Let’s examine the problem more closely: H2O.Church wants to get people signed up to the church’s Bible reading plan.

The problem can be broken down into these 3 questions:

  1. technology - how to deliver the content to people that respond?
  2. communication - how to quickly make the call-to-action?
  3. content - what is the Bible reading plan?

A quick solution that’s effective and efficient

H2O.Church decided to use the web address H2OChurch.Bible as the call-to-action that goes to that month’s Bible reading plan. This call-to-action was setup in minutes by registering a meaningful domain name that matched the church’s name. (To be fair, probably several hours of research and discussions took place too.)

H2OChurch.Bible also helps with communication by providing a memorable and short call-to-action. Memorable helps the message to stick. The shortness of the web address makes it quick to communicate.

Of course, H2O.Church has to actively communicate this. They described their communication efforts of H2OChurch.Bible as follows: “We mentioned it often with images and text posts and even Facebook Live at one point. We also announced this in person and in everyone’s talk notes that they receive when they arrive.” 

Can you see what’s great? H2OChurch.Bible is easy to say, to remember, to spell, to type, and to share.

Read the Bible together in one step

When people visit H2OChurch.Bible, they are automatically redirected to this month’s Bible reading plan. The content is curated and hosted by Life.Church’s YouVersion platform.

For people that have already installed the free Bible app, H2OChurch.Bible takes them directly to the selected reading plan. For people that aren’t using the Bible app, this URL works on any desktop or mobile browser. In other words, H2OChurch.Bible just works on any device seamlessly.

To enhance the user experience, the church plans to create a one-page landing website to explain the vision for reading the Bible together as a church, to walk people through how to download the Bible app and to provide links for every month’s Bible reading plan.

What problem do you want to solve?

Now that you’ve read about how H2OChurch.Bible quickly gets one church to one destination for reading the Bible together, what kind of problem are you trying to solve that could be inspired from this example?

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