Posted on October 6, 2015

How to Reach People Who Don’t Have the Bible Yet: Idea #37

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Since the Bible is not yet available to every ethnicity and people group in the world today, the need for Bible translation remains an urgent priority. Could you imagine life without the Word of God? There’s nearly 2,000 languages that still do not have the Scriptures completely available with the whole counsel of God’s Word.

This excerpt from a 2012 press release tells about an amazing and important alliance that is seeking to end Bible poverty—

World’s Three Major Bible Ministries Partner with Philanthropists to Create The Digital Bible Library: Every Tribe Every Nation Aims to Eradicate “Bible Poverty”

Today, the world’s three major Bible ministries, working alongside leading Christian philanthropists, announced the launch of Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN), a ministry alliance that will open Bible access for more than six billion people across the globe. Leveraging the leading-edge technologies of The Digital Bible Library, hundreds of Scripture translations are currently available. More than 1,000 additional language translations will be ready for digital deployment in the next year and will reach over 2,000 in the next five years.

More than 1.2 billion people worldwide have no access to the Bible in their heart language and there are currently 2,000 languages that have no Scripture translation efforts underway. These sobering statistics shine a light on the reality of “Bible poverty” and the tremendous need to develop innovative new approaches to translation, distribution and evangelism. It is in response to this need, and with the aim of eradicating Bible poverty, that ETEN is now launched.

Read the entire press release to learn more about how this ministry alliance is working together. This graphic below illustrates how these Bible ministry organizations are combining their efforts into this alliance called Every Tribe Every Nation.

alliance of Bible ministries

For more information about how to participate and/or support the work of Every Tribe Every Nation, go to its website at And, take a look at the Digital Bible Library (DBL) at to see the definitive, collaborative inter-ministry digital Scripture repository and information for how to access the library or how to contribute to the library.

Every Tribe Every Nation’s goal is to make God’s Word available in the heart language of everyone worldwide by 2033. As of May 2015, there are 1,061 licensed Scriptures in the DBL in 836 languages.

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