Posted on May 16, 2018

Howto.Bible Shows You How to Engage the Bible

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Another valuable ministry partner is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, who pioneered with our launch of .BIBLE back in March 2016 with 2 websites:  Howto.Bible and College.Bible.

Recently, InterVarsity has added more valuable Bible study resources and content at its  Howto.Bible website! We got to hear about it first hand from the InterVarsity President, Tom Lin, during the Outcomes Conference in Dallas. It is always a great gift to meet in person, when so often our work with digital technologies is done at a distance. 

The  Howto.Bible is sharing InterVarsity's proven methods to train people to lead transformational Bible studies. Their website describes it as:

Every year, InterVarsity trains thousands of college students from every background to lead engaging and transformational Bible studies. We’ve been at it for a long time, and over the years we’ve discovered a tremendous secret that makes it possible for someone with even limited training to lead powerful Bible studies. We created this site to happily share what we’ve learned with anyone who’s been called on to lead others into God’s Word. 

The InterVarsity team also produced  this great video, in a short documentary style, to tell of how their Bible study methods have helped people to engage the Bible personally, and pointing people to this new website resource Howto.Bible at the end of the video. 

Watch the video.

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