Posted on April 14, 2014

Idea #1: Easter Devotions Mobile App

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Saddleback Church (Lake Forest, California; one church with multiple locations) launched an Easter Devotions app during the month leading up to Easter. As church attenders there and Christians around the world enter Holy Week, this app is a great example of creatively using today’s mobile technology to provide spiritual encouragement in preparation for Easter with a thoughtfully-written daily devotional and Bible reading.

Easter Devotions App

Having an app developed is only part of the equation. You also have to actively communicate and tell people about the app.

To communicate the launch and availability of this Easter Devotions app, the typical church communications through weekly bulletins and email newsletters were used. Attenders at this church were encouraged to download and install this free app for their iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone.

You could imagine that the wording used to communicate this might look something like one of the following:

  1. “Go to the app store on iOS or Android and download the Saddleback Easter Devotions app” (but, how do you know which app is the church’s one? When I did a search on “Saddleback Easter”, there were more than 224 apps shown in the results)
  2. “Prepare your heart for Easter with our Easter devotions found on our Easter App:”
  3. Or, “Get the Easter Devotions app at EASTER2014.BIBLE” (note: this domain name is not an active URL, it is used here as a hypothetical example)

The third example above with “EASTER2014.BIBLE” shows the use of a .BIBLE domain name. As you can see from the 3 sample communications above, getting a distinct .BIBLE domain name has these benefits and more:

  • The domain name is short and memorable
  • The domain name emphasizes the importance of the Bible
  • The domain name is much easier to share on social media, to text it to a friend, and to share verbally out loud
  • The generic Easter domain name could be used to minister to Christians all around the world, not just one local church
  • The generic Easter domain name could be used to tell the world about the meaning of Easter based on the Bible
  • A better domain name could have been selected to reuse for Easter every year
  • A different domain name could be used to more closely associate Easter and the Bible with your church or ministry

Do you know of another church with an Easter app? Add a comment to share about it.

How could your church or ministry use a .BIBLE domain name?

[disclosure: I’m an attender of Saddleback Church]


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