Posted on September 24, 2014

Idea #12: Why Memorize the Bible When You Have Instant Bible Search?

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Memorizing Bible verses can be hard work, but you don’t have to work harder when you can work smarter. And there’s a handful (maybe even more?) websites and apps with unique approaches to help people with Scripture memorization. But even with good personal technologies available to us, there are two big reasons why memorizing Bible verses is better than using a Bible search website or app:

1. Faster recall of Bible verses. Your brain works faster than using any technology outside of ourself.

2. Internet isn’t always available. Unreliable connectivity is something I run into quite often even living in a generally affluent and wired area of the USA (Orange County, California). You can have a secure and vital connection to the Word of God that doesn’t depend on data plan limitations, monthly subscriptions, or battery life.

There are many other good reasons to memorize the Scriptures:

American Bible Society has developed a free mobile app called BibleMinded to make Scripture memorization easier than ever. This December 2012 article, Bible Minded: Scripture Memorization Made Mobile, describes what the BibleMinded app does:

Scripture memorization is a discipline, no matter where—or when—you live. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. Now, through the mobile app Bible Minded, Scripture memorization is easier than ever. Bible Minded allows you to access preselected memorization plans or build your own plan. Once you’ve set your plan, you can test your progress through audio review, fill-in-the-blank or flash cards and set the app to remind you to test yourself again in a day, a week or a month.

... “With BibleMinded you can add your own verses, pick from one of our memory plans and memorize the Bible using our awesome study modes and test yourself memory test.”

BibleMinded app

A valuable use of technology, yes? There are more good apps and websites to help you memorize Bible verses:

Scripture Typer Bible Memory System app (iOS, Android & Kindle Fire) “Anyone can quickly memorize Bible verses… Memorize by actively engaging three separate cognitive areas: Audio, Visual & Touch memory.” ($5.99 on iOS; Android in-app paid features)

Remember Me is a Bible Memory App for Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry 10 and Windows (via Blue Stacks); described as “ideal for learning and managing your own collections of Scripture verses, poems, quotes, thoughts, vocabulary, speeches, and other pieces of text.” ($2.99 on iOS, free on others)

Mobilize Faith Bible Memory “Memorize Bible verses in a fun new way. Bible Memory is the first app for the iPhone and iPod touch that combines Scripture memorization with sharing and accountability features.” ($5.99)

FAST Training System and memory clubs - “Ready to start memorizing Scripture? Just pick a memory club you like, and join. We’ll show you exactly what to do, step by step. Better still, all our memory clubs are absolutely FREE!”

MemLok Bible Memory System - Bible memory aids since 1989, in both printed and digital visual materials “keeps track of all your Bible memory verses. It is entirely online so there is no software to download, there are no flash cards to carry around, and, best of all, you will be gradually building up a library of biblical knowledge. It’s also free, and always will be.”

Would you believe there’s a hashtag for memorizing Bible verses? See Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us: The Jesus Project #MemoryProject2014

And, there’s even a ministry organization called Scripture Memory Fellowship

“Since 1944, our materials have provided systematic Scripture memory plans that help people overcome common roadblocks to their memory efforts. We’re building a community of memorizers who can come together—online and at annual events—to encourage one another in treasuring the life-giving words of God.”

And, how about a free book by Dr. William Evans about memorizing the Bible, at

Although written in 1919, Dr. Evans’ scripture memorization techniques are still used today. Most books and websites that attempt to sell memorization techniques are largely using Dr. Evan’s ideas.

Dr. Evans memorized the entire King James version of the Bible plus the New Testament of the American Standard Version. Who better to teach memorization?

What do you love about remembering Bible verses? Know of any other apps or websites that have helped you?


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