Posted on December 29, 2014

Idea #17: Learning and Revisiting Bible History

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What do you think of first when you see the terms “Bible history?” Do you think about the human history that is recorded in the Bible? Or the history of how we got the Bible itself? Both can be valid perspectives, and to sort things out, I did find that the terms “Biblical history” and “history of the Bible” are more commonly used, respectively. For this article, we’ll take a look at the Biblical accounts of history.

On the big screen, a handful of major motion pictures were released in 2014—including Noah, Son of God, and Exodus: Gods and Kings—that garnered quite some attention on the Bible and its historical accounts (though I didn’t notice the description “based on a true story” or “inspired by a true story” in the few movies that I watched), as mentioned in:

And there are certainly more opportunities for film-makers to make movies based on Bible history, as this Screen Rant article, 5 Bible Stories That Would Make Epic Movies, suggested Gideon, Joshua, Isaac, and David. I would add other compelling Bible characters that would be movie-worthy: Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, Isaiah, Jonah, Paul.

One of the great things about the Internet is the large opportunities and vast amount of space to dig into a lot of information, and Bible history is one very rich source about all aspects of human history. On a quick search, here are 8 websites that focus on providing the history recorded in the Bible and history that happened during Biblical times:

  • - The Bible Timeline is “an easy-to-navigate, interconnected database of more than 850 Bible characters and major biblical events” (it’s linked to, a ministry of Amazing Facts, with a Seventh-Day Adventist perspective)
  • - Bible History Online is a large directory of Bible history websites and resources
  • - has a collection of articles, ebooks, and books with historical evidence for the Bible, and resources from Bible teachers like David Hocking, John MacArthur, and J. Vernon McGee
  • Bible History Daily - daily articles on the website of Biblical Archaeology Society that’s better known for its published magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review, “Bringing Ancient History to Life”
  • - website of the Associates for Biblical Research, an evangelical organization founded for the purpose of research and fieldwork in Biblical archaeology
  • - a collection of chronological charts “The History of the World from a Biblical Perspective”
  • - introduces the exhibits at the Institute for Biblicial & Scientific Studies in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • - website of the Museum of Biblical History in Collierville, Tennessee

A quick list like above is useful, but it doesn’t yet solve the question of what could be done with a domain name like HISTORY.BIBLE. Should that website be a place for history during Biblical times or would it serve the world’s online population better as the history of the making of the Bible? What do you think?


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