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Idea #24: Acts of the Apostles in the Bible, on TV and the Web

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Mainstream media like television series and major motion pictures can draw the attention of a large audience like nothing else. And this Easter Sunday (April 5th, 2015), NBC television will be premiering a television series called “A.D. The Bible Continues,” portraying the start of Christianity based on the first 10 chapters in the book of Acts in the Bible. This new TV series is produced by the same Mark Burnett and Roma Downey that had also produced “The Bible” miniseries and the feature film “Son of God.”

On the other hand, there’s nothing like the global reach of the Internet. If a miniseries could be focused on one book in the Bible, what would it look like for a website to do the same? Let’s see what websites are dedicated to just the book of Acts: provides a collection of resources, including a 30-day journey, about the book of Acts for adults, youth, and children, from the American Bible Society is a great domain name that redirects to the web page at with an presents the entire text of the book of Acts (World English Bible) with audio for each chapter, and a sidebar with suggested study references is the blog of an adult Bible study at St. Charles Borromeo (Tacoma, WA). is a website designed to explain and defend a mid-Acts view of Scripture. is a blog originally designed to extend the discussion of Acts at Rush Creek Bible Church in Byron Center, MI, by Phillip J. Long. The focus of the blog has broadened to include issues of Pauline Theology along with the Book of Acts. explores how the early church was organized and presents modern thinking on cooperatives.

The Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts are recognized as being two volumes by the same author, Luke, and there’s value in reading & studying them together.

  • is provided by the Citrus Park church of Christ (Tampa, FL) with helpful resources so you can study the Gospel of Luke in a systematic way.
  • - Luke-Acts Life Application Questions

And, then there is the very popular website Wikipedia with its entry, Acts of the Apostles.

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