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Idea #25: When Wiki Meets the Bible

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One of the most used websites on the Internet is Wikipedia, a collaborative encyclopedia curated and edited by volunteers around the world. Wikipedia has become a valuable, albeit imperfect, knowledge base of information all contributed by unpaid people!

What’s great about a wiki platform is how it enables multiple editors and multiple contributors to collaboratively organize a large amount of information for the benefit of a particular community. Think of the great value that wikis could provide for content related to the Bible.

Wikipedia entry for Bible

Take a look at all these Bible-related wikis on the Internet and let them spark your creativity to using a wiki to share the wealth of biblical knowledge (these wikis are listed in no particular order):

  • Bible Wiki – "a database covering people, places, books, doctrine and history of the Bible" (previously named Biblicalapedia)
  • – Logos Bible Software Wiki is a place for users to share and collaborate on anything related to Logos Bible Software.
  • – This Bible Wiki is dedicated to getting to the heart of Bible interpretation by means of irenic methodology, that is, to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider all of the arguments on an issue and evaluate them fairly.
  • – A Community-Driven Translation of the Greek Bible
  • – The Internet Bible Catalog is a web-based catalog of printed editions of the Bible.
  • — Without Vowels project aims "to collect all possible translations and all commentaries for the entire Hebrew Bible"

Inactive websites [moved these to a different category below here since the original post's date]

  • – Bible People Wiki is dedicated to telling about people in the Christian Bible and what their purpose was in Biblical times. [dormant since 2011]
  • – Women of the Bible Wiki is about the best and worst women of the Old and New testaments of the Bible. [dormand since 2010]
  • – a Bible genealogy project for collecting each and every name in the Bible [dormant since 2009]
  • is an experiment in applying wiki technology to a focused Bible question and answer web site. A publication of Wyomissing Publishing.

Know of any other Bible-related wikis? Please share them by adding a comment below.

[related] Sharing the Bible With Wikis, by Adam S., Founder of Bible Wiki


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