Posted on June 23, 2015

Idea #28: Finding a Small Group Bible Study

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Small group Bible studies are a very popular and effective way to study the Bible. A good article at refers to this definition for Small Group Bible Study: “A moderated study of the Bible, emphasizing small study groups, to insure a peaceful, respectful, and instructive atmosphere for the contemplation of God’s Word.”

That article goes on to explain how small group Bible study offers a place to connect with other believers, where you learn to love others (since you can’t learn how to love on your own), where you have a safe place to get your questions answered, where you can share you needs, where you can pray with one another. And, yes, of course, to study and learn the Bible.

  small group Bible study

While there’s hundreds and thousands of small group Bible studies published out there, here’s a small list of Bible studies website to help you find one a useful guide for your small group Bible study:

Just for fun, see if you can relate to these illustrations by Nathan Pyle at BuzzFeed: 17 Things That Happen In Every Small Group Bible Study.

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