Posted on June 23, 2014

Idea #5: Bible Quiz tournaments, websites, and a movie too

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The Bible has inspired all kinds of things, even a regular series of Bible Quiz events where student teams (typically between grades six through twelve) compete over Bible knowledge. “Bible Quiz is a first-class, organized and detailed youth Discipleship Ministry. Each year, over 2,000 youth nationwide go deeper into God’s Word…” This subculture of activities has even warranted an entry for Bible quiz on Wikipedia at

According to, there’s over 50 years of history, with the first national Bible Quiz Finals held in 1963. The history section of the website has quite an archive of info from past events: national finals, regional finals, district finals, and tournaments. There are Bible Quiz teams organized by denominations, like:

Here’s a sample of Bible Quiz associations organized by location:

Another version of Bible knowledge competitions is called Bible Bowl, organized by a non-profit for Christian Churches and Churches of Christ at

There’s also 2 podcasts that have run for years:

And to more quickly get immersed and learn about this Bible quizzing sub-culture, watch the award-winning documentary movie, aptly titled Bible Quiz, which was recently released on Netflix, Amazon Instant, and iTunes; also available on DVD. Watch the movie trailer to preview.

With serious competition and discipleship going on with Bible quizzing, imagine how .BIBLE domain names could be used to meaningfully point to online resources to better prepare for Bible Quiz tournaments. Perhaps online training with a new format of online education could be on the horizon for innovative Bible engagement!


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