Posted on July 15, 2014

Idea #7: Bible Discussion Forums and Message Boards

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The Bible has been discussed online for years, even before the Internet using modem-to-modem bulletin boards and newsgroups. The technology used for these discussions are generally known as discussion forums or message boards.

Bible discussion online

While social networks are popular for sharing status updates and images, there are many lively discussions about the Bible and the Christian faith at websites like these (with statistics in parenthesis, at the time of this post):

  • - Catholic Answers Forums - “to explain & defend the faith” (461,797 Members / 755,196 Threads / 12,290,868 Posts)
  • - “the Internet’s Largest Christian Forum” (354,848 Members / 65,823,951 Posts / 7,824,903 Threads)
  • - Worthy Christian Forums (66,911 Members / 1,723,713 Posts)
  • - “Open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed… smacking truth since 1997” (16,153 Members / 46,550 Threads / 1,907,151 Posts)
  • - “Friendly Christian Forums” - “A place of fellowship, support, encouragement, and learning shared by members from all around the world.” (8,538 Members / 38,069 Discussions / 347,948 Messages)
  • - “Loving People Living Community” (6,380 Members / 233,242 Posts)
  • - “One Spirit, One Body, One Forum” - “a place where Christians can come together in fellowship for encouragement, inspiration, and strength to help build each other up and grow in our walk of faith through honest and open discussion, study, reflection, and prayer.” (5,706 Members / 53,125 Discussions / 940,480 Messages)
  • - Bible discussion forums for discussions, debates, Bible study groups, books of the Bible, for Protestants and Catholics. (2,956 Members / 16,771 Threads / 688,975 Posts)
  • - “Lampstand Christian Forum - A Place for Christ-Centered Relationships” (1,005 Members / 9,639 Threads / 138,764 Posts)
  • - "A true Bible based, Jesus centered online community." (12,000+ members / 61,000+ threads / 323,000+ messages) [added Dec.2019]

The above was compiled in part with lists from’s list of Top 50 Christian Forums on the Web and’s Top 50 Discussion Groups for the Bible, which also includes links to Bible discussions on Facebook Groups, Yahoo Groups, Reddit.

Where else have you engaged in Bible discussions online? Do you have any tips to share about how to use discussion boards well?

Here's another thought. The Bible is a great book about the human condition regardless of one's faith tradition. Can a civil and respectful discussion around the Bible be hosted online? And where would it be hosted, you think? Would a web address like Discussion.Bible or Conversation.Bible be inviting?


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