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List of Websites for Learning Greek for Bible Study: Idea #41

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The Bible is available today in modern English language translations along with thousands of other languages, but the Bible was originally written in Hebrew (for the Old Testament) and Greek (for the New Testament).

But knowing the modern Greek language will not be enough to understand the original language of the New Testament, written in what’s known as the Koine Greek language, which is also the language used for the Septuagint, the 3rd-century BC Greek translation of the Old Testament. (To fully cover all the various aspects of Biblical languages would go far beyond the scope of one blog post, so this blog will explore where on the Internet you can learn Koine Greek.)

Here’s an overview of how Marc Cortez (Theology Professor and Dean at Western Seminary) answers the question, “Is Learning Greek and Hebrew Really Worth It?

3 Benefits of Learning the Greek

1. Effective ministry - “we need to know the original languages because they add power to our messages, confidence to our ministries, depth to our arguments”

2. Protection of the Gospel - “... if we do not pay particular and close attention to the text, we will lose the Gospel itself.”

3. Spiritual formation - “... think of learning the languages as a spiritual discipline. It is an intentional practice designed to draw one toward a more intimate knowledge of God so that we can be continually re-shaped in his image.” describes the importance of studying Biblical languages with this analogy:

Perhaps this is a good analogy: reading the Bible without knowing Greek and Hebrew is like watching a basic television, while reading the Bible knowing Greek and Hebrew is like watching a curved 80” UHD 4K television with stereo surround sound. You can fully understand what is going on with the basic television, but the curved 80” UHD 4K television with stereo surround sound gives added depth and clarity.

Greek New Testament - Matthew 1

Koine Greek can be learned at websites like these to study the New Testament of the Bible :

  • - “your source for quality instruction in the New Testament Greek at no cost. Everything necessary to enable you to read the New Testament in the original language is on this site.”
  • - “The Institute of Biblical Greek has collected the following resources to promote the study of Biblical (Koine) Greek in Christian education and to help students learning Biblical (Koine) Greek.”
  • - “Teknia is your online home for learning New Testament Greek. Whether you want your children to learn the Greek alphabet, or even a little New Testament Greek, or you want to learn enough Greek to use your Bible study tools better, or to read the Greek Testament, our resources will help you achieve your goal, and most of the resources are free.”
  • - Resources for learning Greek, maintained by Jonathan Robie. Make sure you check out Little Greek 101, our online New Testament Greek tutorial.
  • - Bible Greek VideoPOD - Video podcasts to teach New Testament Greek through fast and easy lessons.
  •’s Greek Tools for Bible Study class with 14 lectures by Bill Mounce - “Have you wanted to know enough about Greek so that you could find out what the words of the Bible actually mean? ... Then this class is for you. The lectures are based on the author’s, Greek for the Rest of Us (Zondervan) and will teach you enough Greek, without lots of memorization, so that you can achieve these goals.”

See a more complete list of resources for Learning New Testament Greek at - the New Testament Gateway is “the directory of academic internet resources on the New Testament, hosted by Logos Bible Software and edited by Mark Goodacre.”

And when you’re ready to read and study the Greek New Testament, here’s where you can find the text online:

Refer to a more complete list of Greek New Testaments texts at

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