Posted on August 25, 2015

People Sharing Together on an Online Bible Study: Idea #33

Posted on August 25, 2015 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples

Sometimes people can’t get together in person to do a traditional Bible study because they live hundreds or thousands of miles, live in different countries, or the city traffic is so bad that it’d take more time getting to and from a place than to connect with people online. Google+ Hangout is a free platform that enables up to 10 people to share on a group video chat in real-time, using the webcam that’s built-in with most computers and laptops today.

Whether the Bible study is for a small group of people having discussions while reading the Bible or the Bible study has someone being the teacher presenting a prepared lesson, this platform can be used either way. In other words, finding a location with enough chairs and parking spaces is no longer required. Just open your web browser and use Google+ Hangout!

One of the best ways to use Google+ Hangout is to have a Bible study together with other people. Several groups have done just that:

Click on this link to do a search for a Bible study hangout that’s happened or happening soon on Google+.

While we’re here, you can see the advantage of having a domain name to make it easier to share and invite people to your online Bible study, rather than a long hard-to-remember URL like

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