Posted on June 25, 2019

​TheoTech: What if God is our customer?

Posted on June 25, 2019 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Innovation, Spiritual

Chris Lim is the founder of TheoTech, a company on a mission.

Through designing creative programs and spreading the Word in all they do, Chris and his team are using technology to advance the Gospel and operationalize the Bible.

This Episode of the Future.Bible Podcast

In this conversation, Chris Lim and DJ Chuang discuss how the TheoTech founder got started in the technology industry (thank you, TI-83!) and what drives his passion for using technology in a unique way to spread the Gospel and reach more people.

As TheoTech’s website states:

“Getting the gospel to everyone on earth requires invention, creativity, skill and passion. We dream of developing and unleashing the gifts God has given you to make it happen.”

Chris started TheoTech with a dream of a movement of technology entrepreneurship for the Gospel. The question, “What if God is our customer?” launched their journey, exploring what it means to obsess over God’s desires and invent products that create foretastes of His Kingdom.

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In this conversation, hear Chris discuss how translation and language initiatives are moving their mission, and how your marketing plan changes when you make God your primary customer.

Tune in and learn more from the conversation between Chris Lim and DJ Chuang.

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