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Want to Know Which .BIBLE Website Has the Most Traffic?

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The number of websites using .BIBLE domains continue to grow at a steady pace as the .BIBLE top-level domain enters its second year of operation. Rather than launching an entirely new website from the ground up, an existing website can switch to using a .BIBLE domain name—consider it an upgrade. (See our guide for how to switch your website’s domain name.)

EasyEnglish.Bible is the new web address for the EasyEnglish Bible produced by a team of volunteers working with MissionAssist, which is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation located in England. At the time of this article’s posting, EasyEnglish.Bible is the .BIBLE website with the most traffic! Last year, over 5,000,000 people from over 200 countries used the EasyEnglish website.

We interviewed John Williams of MissionAssist, who is the Webmaster of EasyEnglish.Bible, to learn more about EasyEnglish.Bible and why they switched the domain name of their existing website. (Also, listen to the BBC Radio interview with John Williams—scroll to the bottom of this page.)

What is EasyEnglish.Bible?

EasyEnglish.Bible is the website for the EasyEnglish Bible that helps people from every country to read and understand the Bible, and apply it to their lives. EasyEnglish.Bible provides a Bible Translation, Bible Commentaries, and Bible Studies in EasyEnglish.

EasyEnglish is a formally defined subset of ordinary English. It uses ordinary English words (but only some of them!) and standard English grammar (but only some of it!). EasyEnglish is therefore perfectly good standard English, but because the words and grammar are restricted it is much easier to read than ordinary English.

The rules that our writers follow include:

  • Short sentences
  • Only one topic per paragraph
  • No passive verbs
  • No split infinitives
  • No idioms
  • No rhetorical questions
  • No ambiguous pronouns
  • Not more than two clauses per sentence
  • Not more than two prepositional phrases per sentence

We have a team of people who are involved in producing EasyEnglish materials. This team includes:

  • Writers - People who write original material in EasyEnglish.
  • Translators - People who translate already existing material into EasyEnglish.
  • Linguistic Checkers - People who check the linguistic consistency of the work. Our linguistic checkers normally have a degree in Linguistics or English (or similar) and a TEFL qualification. Experience of the developing world is also useful.
  • Theological Checkers - People who check the theological accuracy of the work. Our theological checkers need a degree in theology (or a similar qualification).
  • Editors - People who check drafts and final output for accuracy and consistency.

How did this translation come about?

It all started when we received a request from a missionary in Ghana. She was working on a Bible translation project and she asked us (MissionAssist) if we could write some simple materials in easy English to help the pastors, who could all read a bit of English. So we started with some short passages from the Bible and added a few comments to them. That was very popular and people kept on asking us for more and more. Eventually, we translated the whole Bible!

Can you share a story of how the Easy English Bible has helped someone?

We get feedback from people all over the world. You’ll notice that a lot of our readers do not have a high level of English; I have not corrected their spelling or their grammar. We are delighted that people with very little English can understand the EasyEnglish Bible and also the commentaries and Bible Studies that we have written to help people engage with it.

Here are some examples:

From Brazil: "Terrific website is EE!! I'm impressed by the quality and practicality of the online content. Thanks for making that available!!! AMAZING!"

From China: "I use your easy bible translations to help me teach English and the Bible in China. The Chinese people, who learned English in school really enjoy the easy translation and then they will look the verses us in their Chinese bibles as well."

From India: “really nice web site i telling to u and also i will tell to my friends also about this website .why because i am so learned from your website .i will tell u my life before last year totally my life changed i accepted jesus christ and now i am reading bible daily at last i found ur website it was very easy to understand”

From an undisclosed country: “I just want to say thank you all for your Easy Bible Commentary. As I am just English beginner it is very helpful to have this Commentary. It nourishes my understanding on the Word of God. The words used are easy and simple to understand for English beginner like me. It is my very tool in preaching, teaching in my small home church. This is my prayer that the Lord bless you richly for His kingdom extension through your adorable commitment. I really appreciate you all for your priceless service for our God.”

Why did you switch to EasyEnglish.Bible from your previous domain name

EasyEnglish.Bible is such a meaningful domain name. It tells you exactly what the website is about!

How has the new domain name EasyEnglish.Bible made a difference?

The .BIBLE top-level domain name reassures people who find the website that it is genuine. I think this applies particularly to Christians who may want to use materials from the website in their ministry or may want to recommend it to their friends.

Listen to BBC Radio Interview

John Williams was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent about the EasyEnglish Bible—listen or download the interview audio.

( Link to Audio in MP3 format )