Posted on May 14, 2020

​Want To Make A Radical Difference In Your Workplace?

Posted on May 14, 2020 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples, Spiritual

Looking to make a radical impact in the workplace?

Start at Leadership.Bible.

Do you want to create an environment in your organization where everyone on your team, regardless of their position or title, can lead like Jesus in every aspect of their professional and personal lives?

On the Leadership.Bible website, professionals can access Outcomes Leadership Core, a master class of Christ-like leadership methods, as well as professional development opportunities and inspiring resources.

Developed by Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA), the Outcomes Leadership Core is where learners will uncover ways to maximize impact by incorporating Lead Like Jesus principles into every aspect of work. The course is easy to understand, apply and navigate.

Divided into four pathways, the Outcomes Leadership Core is a transformational experience that will impact the lives and leadership of those who learn the tools.

The four pathways cover:

  • Identity: Building Accurate Self-Awareness
  • Integration: Inside-Out Transformation
  • Immersion: Develop Skill & Competence
  • Inspiration: Ongoing Growth & Development

The Pathway reminds professionals that becoming a leader who leads like Jesus is a lifelong process requiring a lifelong commitment. Accountability is encouraged; it is a powerful tool God designed to keep us from wandering away from his best for our lives. Stay inspired with weekly reminders to your inbox in the form of:

These thoughtful resources provide the inspiration and direction needed to apply Lead Like Jesus principles in the “real” world.

Leadership.Bible site visitors can also connect to the powerhouse annual conference, Outcomes, that rallies articulate and important leaders in the sector to share big ideas and practical knowledge for Christian leaders in an ever-changing world.

In 2020, the CLA Outcomes conference went virtual, but the hope is to gather in person in 2021. Be on the lookout for conference details on the conference website.

Look to the folks at CLA for a wealth of consulting, training and resources available to organizations through the Leadership Core Pathway.

Together, they’ll uncover ways and create a plan to maximize your impact by incorporating Lead Like Jesus principles into every aspect of your work. Learn more at Leadership.Bible.