Posted on December 17, 2015

Where to Get a Great Introduction to the Bible: Idea #45

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Many millions of people have never read the Bible or have only heard about Bibe but don’t know where to start. There are printed book titles like “Quick Start Guide to the Bible”, “Beginner’s Bible”, and “Introduction to the Bible” but for people living a digital lifestyle, what is available online on the Internet where anyone anywhere can read a great introduction to the Bible? Here are several that we’ve found:’s Christianity channel introduces the Books of the Bible through its collection of 10 articles, described as follows: “This Bible study resource provides an introduction to the books of the Bible, including vital statistics to help you better understanding God’s purpose in each book of the Bible and also gain a more complete and unified perspective on the entire Bible.” Article titles include:

  • Rightly Divide the Bible: How the 66 Books Are Grouped
  • Why Were the Apocryphal Books Not Accepted Into the Canon?
  • The Pentateuch: The First 5 Books of the Bible
  • The Wisdom Books of the Bible Deal With Human Struggles
  • Trace the Complete History of the Bible

Introduction to the Bible (by Randy A. Brown at is a nice one-page read that introduces the Bible.

Introduction To The Bible ( has a paginated presentation for introducing the Bible, its history, about Bible translations, manuscripts, archeology, the Gospels, prophecy, and more.

American Bible Society has produced this 7-day reading plan titled “Bible Introduction” that works with the Bible App ( This reading plan’s description: “The best-selling book of all time is also the least read. God’s Word will speak to you… if you take the time to listen.”

The Bible Project at goes about introducing the Bible one book at a time by producing 5-minute animated videos to present an overview of every book of the Bible. And also in the works are free videos and resources that explore the narrative of the Bible as one complete story. Watch this video overview about The Bible Project.

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