Posted on March 21, 2019

Why would a website builder change their domain name?

Posted on March 21, 2019 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Domains, Online Presence

FAQ: Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles explaining how to change my website name. Why are website builders changing their top-level domain names? Do I need to change mine?

ANSWER: Sometimes organizations or churches register a great domain name, but after a few years you find that it’s not serving your purposes anymore. Maybe you need to:

  • Stand out from the competition?
  • Clarify your brand?
  • Simplify by using a new top-level domain name?

If you’ve been following the .BIBLE blog, you know that choosing the right domain name is critical. articulates this well:

“Choosing the right domain name gives your site a distinctive identity that distinguishes it from the millions of other websites already up and running since no two people can register under the same exact domain name.”

Here’s what the experts say about making your home on a not-com like .BIBLE:

It Shows that You Embrace Progress 

With thousands of not-com top-level domains entering the marketplace, you want to demonstrate to your customers that you are aware of the trends and will take advantage of any new options to make it easier for them to find and navigate your site.

It Differentiates Your Business

As explained on’s blog, “Combining words, or being creative with unique TLDs can help differentiate your business.”

Especially when you suddenly have competition in your geographical area, or when new website names have popped up that are too similar to yours (and you forgot to purchase those names!), it’s wise to look into an alternate domain name.

Of Course, Brandability

“A considerable problem with legacy TLDs is finding one that matches your brand or company name. With new TLDs, this is much less of an issue, as there are plenty of options to choose from. They also enable you to create vanity URLs.”

Do your research! Check out a registration site and search for a new website name within the thousands of not-com options that have come into the marketplace. We’re partial to .BIBLE, which instantly brands mission-minded organizations and churches.

It’s fun to check out new website name options. Pick one of our trusted registrars and start looking!


Finding the domain name of your choice might be costly, particularly if it’s already owned by someone else. By including new TLDs in your search for your new name, you’re more likely to find a domain name that includes target and keywords that you’re looking for.

As for Bible-based organizations and churches, now is the time to check out a new domain name!

Get more information on the .BIBLE top-level domain name, visit In addition to helping websites bring brand clarity, we also empower Scripture engagement, translation, innovation, and global partnerships so that all people may experience the life-changing message of the Bible.