Why some new gTLD domain names are not available to register?

When a new gTLD enters its general availability phase, anyone around the world could register any unregistered and available string as a domain name with the new gTLD extension. Obviously if a domain name is already registered, then it wouldn’t be available. But some attempts at registering a... Read More

Idea #10: What about Sharing the Whole Bible on Twitter?

Twitter has become a fertile digital space for creativity since its launch in March 2006. The convention of using @ with a Twitter handle for replies and mentions emerged over a year later; and the convention of using # for hashtags as a label for topics of twitter conversations didn’t become... Read More

How Many Languages are Available for Bible Reading Online?

In the world today, there are thousands of languages being used, with a majority of them not yet on the Internet. And the Bible is not yet translated into many of those languages either.

First, consider just how many languages are being used in the world today.... Read More