Idea #8: Creative Internet Evangelism with the Bible

The most creative ideas for evangelism on the Internet have yet to be thought of or imagined. One of the most creative online outreaches was run recently for an American holiday by an Australian named Pete Chapman.

Pete Chapman posted his evangelistic project “One Million Bible Verses... Read More

.BIBLE Reaches Contracting Milestone

American Bible Society has signed the contract with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to operate the .BIBLE top-level domain (TLD) Registry, reaching another significant milestone for .BIBLE.

What does this mean? Contracting statistics is one of the dashboard items that ICANN publishes on its... Read More

Idea #7: Bible Discussion Forums and Message Boards

The Bible has been discussed online for years, even before the Internet using modem-to-modem bulletin boards and newsgroups. The technology used for these discussions are generally known as discussion forums or message boards.

While social networks are popular for sharing status updates and images, there... Read More

Idea #6: Value of Vacation Bible Schools

Summertime is both the season for family vacations and for churches to host a time-honored tradition known as Vacation Bible School (VBS) that dates back to 1922. This Christian History article, “From Beer to Bibles to VBS: How America got its favorite summer tradition,” explains:

“Vacation Bible Schools... Read More