Why (Almost) Every App Requires an Upgrade for the New Internet

The biggest consequence of the new gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) program is that every app, website, software, or database using email addresses and websites must be updated to work with all of the new domain extensions being added to the Internet name space. This new technical requirement is called... Read More

Idea #20: The Most Popular Psalms, Starting with Psalm 23

The Psalms in the Bible have inspired people in life and the arts, in worship songs and in prayers, in good times and tough times. The Psalms have connected powerfully with people in profound ways. People have their favorite Psalms (i.e. an entire chapter) and favorite Bible verses... Read More

Idea #19: How Nations around the World Celebrate and Honor the Bible

People around the world were recently invited to participate in the International Day of the Bible (internationaldayofthebible.com) on November 24, 2014, to honor God’s Word in a worldwide public Bible celebration with the public reading of Scripture and to share their favorite Bible verses tagged with hashtag #Biblecelebration. The... Read More

Idea #17: Learning and Revisiting Bible History

What do you think of first when you see the terms “Bible history?” Do you think about the human history that is recorded in the Bible? Or the history of how we got the Bible itself? Both can be valid perspectives, and to sort things out, I did find... Read More

Idea #16: Sharing the Christmas Story from the Bible

Christmas time is near. And for people from a Christian tradition that anticipates the coming celebration of Christ’s birth, the Advent season countdown started weeks ago. While there’s a lot of Christmas shopping frenzy, there’s also greater interest in Christmas from people all over the world. ... Read More