Posted on June 9, 2020

​.BIBLE Featured Website: Today.Bible

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Have you ever started a Bible-reading schedule and then stopped it mid-way? Maybe you got behind and became discouraged. Or maybe you were busy and out of sync, forgetting to grab your Bible on your way out the door in the morning.

Let Today.Bible be your Scripture-reading assistant.

With a section of Scriptures chosen for every day, over the course of a year you’ll read the entire Bible.

How does that look?

For 358 days, the mobile-friendly site Today.Bible provides a reading for every day. The selection might include a few chapters from a book plus a chapter of Psalms. At the top of the page is a helpful guide that suggests how long the reading might take. Most days are around 20 minutes.

One exciting feature of Today.Bible is the incorporation of engaging videos from BibleProject in some of the pages. For example, before diving into the book of Revelation, a narrated short-form animation breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. And at another point, while reading through the book, another video is suggested. This “Image of God” recording provides background information on the importance of God’s image in the days the Bible was written. Dozens of other videos round out the exercise of grasping the narrative of the Scriptures.

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Reading the entire set of Scriptures in a year provides a value that is difficult to attain when it's read in small chunks. John Mark N. Reynolds at Patheos said:

“There is great value, however, in reading each Biblical book straight through to get the story, the big picture, and the message of that book...If we never read the whole book as a book, however, then we will miss much of the glory, beauty, and truth of the text.”

This philosophy is reiterated by the creators of BibleProject, Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins, who’ve said:

“We do this because we believe the Bible is one unified narrative that leads to Jesus.”

Check out Today.Bible today. Don’t wait until January 1 comes along; jump into the reading plan today and follow it full circle. Read it on your phone or track through the books in your hard-copy Bible. Our hope is that you will experience the “glory, beauty, and truth of the text.”