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​.BIBLE Website feature: her.Bible

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Have you seen the beautiful ads as you’ve scrolled through your Facebook feed? Or checked out their stunning and inviting Instagram page?

her.Bible is suddenly everywhere.

At her.Bible you’ll gain access to an audio Bible read by an ethnically diverse group of women who want you to connect with God in the deepest places of your heart.

A project of CRU International, her.Bible is releasing audio files as they become available. Having completed the entire New Testament, they’ve recently released the beloved book of Solomon’s wisdom, Proverbs.

At the heart of this audio Bible are the voices of women who have walked varied roads, all connected by their excitement to provide the first free, female-voiced audio Bible to the masses. Here’s a glimpse of just a few of the 18 sound artists:

  • Listen to Luke’s account of the acts of the apostles when Texan author Sue Detweiler reads the book of Acts.
  • Hear Paul’s instructions about how to live godly lives from the book of Titus, read by a former missionary, Puerto Rico-born Michelle Blanco.
  • Be encouraged by the epistle Galatians, read by missionary, speaker, and life coach Carrol Richards.
  • Or dive into Revelations, read by a featured performer from The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Melissa Vasquez.

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In The Beginning

No, not Genesis. (But that’ll be coming to you by her.Bible, too!) In the beginning, when seeds of her.Bible began germinating, it was in the heart of producer Jenny Steinbach. She recalls:

“A couple of years ago, I had a lot of ‘windshield time’ in rush hour traffic, getting to and from work. I listened to several audio Bibles...I realized most free apps accessed the same list of male readers.

There was a silent space.

I was simply looking for a pleasant woman’s voice to read scripture with compassion and kindness, yet with the authority God’s word deserves. I wasn’t looking for dramatization, background music, or additional resources to make it an interpretation, just a focus on the words themselves.

In talking with others, I discovered my longings were shared by other women

Thus began the journey of Her.Bible in women’s voices. It began with a simple, personal longing.”

This project found a natural home on the .BIBLE domain. Not only is the branding clear and concise, but they were able to claim digital real estate that captured the title of their project.

Released in July of 2019, the recorded texts are from the New Living Translation of the Holy Bible. Be sure to stay current and find out when new books of the Bible are released by signing up for email alerts on the her.Bible website.

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Pick your favorite book of the New Testament, and check out the her.Bible audio version right now! Be encouraged when you take advantage of every moment, filling your day with Scriptures.

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