Posted on March 13, 2019

An Entrepreneur: Future.Bible Podcast with Justin Trapp

Posted on March 13, 2019 by .BIBLE Registry Categories: Examples, Innovation

Do you ever wonder how a pastor has time to write a sermon every week, along with other pressing duties?

Check out a recent episode of Future.Bible podcast, where our host Kenny Jhang talks to the man who developed a solution to that common challenge: Justin Trapp of the popular sites and Illustrationideas.Bible.

On this episode, Justin—one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Christian digital space—shares the road from launching a new venture on Kickstarter, to having thousands of satisfied customers. He also shares hacks for determining the needs of your audience and doing what’s necessary to reach them.

Sermonary marries the ever-changing, fast-paced world of technology with the unchanging Bible, Sermonary uses the latest software to provide access to both!

Using a block-by-block approach, sermons are built quickly and effectively. In the thick of writing, there are commentary offerings, illustrations, sermon series and more. Then when it’s complete, sermons can be delivered using the Podium Mode, which includes a timing device.

Justin even talks about pastors using Sermonary in the most obscure of places, and even multiple languages.


Another time-consuming portion of sermon writing is procuring strong illustrations. Well, Justin has created a resource to solve that problem, too!

In addition to the library of resources, IllustrationsIdeas.Bible posts a new sermon illustration every single day. Based on news stories or timely cultural events, new and relevant content is published on a daily basis. For a busy pastor, this is a game changer.

Listen for Justin’s tried and true method for getting feedback from site users, and other insights in this exciting and informative podcast. Hint: It only takes the customer 60 seconds to provide all the valuable information needed!

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