Posted on January 1, 2015

Idea #18: Finding a Bible Reading Plan that’s Right for You

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A new year is a great opportunity that many people take to make a new start. As a devoted follower of Christ, we know it’s important to read the Bible for it is the foundation of the faith we profess. But do we read it for ourselves or do leave it up to the clergy professionals? Yes there are parts of the Bible that are hard to understand, and many people find it hard to read through all of it, from the looks of these articles’ titles:

To make Bible reading a regular habit, routine, and practice, using a Bible reading plan has proven to be helpful to many. Rather than just opening your printed Bible to page 1 and going through it sequentially chapter by chapter, most of these reading plans guide you through different portions of the Scriptures for a wider exposure to the whole counsel of God’s Word (and to give you some practice at finding Bible verses). These links go to all kinds of Bible reading plans (many from the most popular Bible websites on the Internet) that you can choose from and use:

All of links above have the day’s Bible reading available online, some by email too; and the ones with a printable PDF chart are denoted with an asterisk. Those printable reading plans are handy to keep with your printed Bible. According to the State of the Bible 2014, a majority of people prefer to read their Bible in print, but growing numbers are reading the Bible digitally on a screen.

But maybe sitting down to read a book by yourself is just not the best format for you, after all, 23% of Americans didn’t read a book in 2014.

There are other ways to be feeding on the Word of God; 3 ways to engage with the Bible on a daily basis:

-> reading the Bible together with others in community @ , ,

-> using a spreadsheet @

-> listening to the Bible via podcast or audio:

With so many options to choose from, how do you pick the right Bible reading plan? There’s not only one right answer. The right Bible reading plan is one that you start with and prayerfully discover by experience if it is engaging your mind and heart for this moment and season in your life. The main thing is to start and then to keep going. If and when you get stuck, come back to this post and switch to another one, make sense?

When you’ve got your Bible reading routine going, that’s great, you’re on your way! Hallelujah! And if you’re asking how long does it take to read the Bible, this website will do the math for you!

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