Posted on May 8, 2018

Making Sense. Eating Breakfast. Telling Stories.

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Our .BIBLE team met many good people at the  Outcomes Conference 2018 in Dallas, hosted by Christian Leadership Alliance. As a returning sponsor, .BIBLE made itself available to attendees in numerous ways, including a booth on the exhibit floor and a smaller intimate breakfast with the team and new friends.

When It Makes Sense to Mention the Bible

At this conference, we talked about how the .BIBLE domain helps you get a shorter and memorable URL that instantly associates your brand or your project with the Bible.

Using .BIBLE domains is making more sense to organizations for many reasons. Here are two of them…

  1. While you may have a website, there's very limited space on the home page to promote a specific program or project. A direct URL gets people immediately to where you want them to go without having to search for it or scanning the home page for something.
  2. When you need to promote a program on a sign, on radio, or in a social media update, having a short and memorable URL is critical for people to remember how to respond.

Bible Chat Over Breakfast

We hosted a special breakfast with a select number of conference attendees so that we could have more engaging conversations to start building quality relationships.

We were especially grateful for having one of the conference speakers, Pastor Derwin Gray, join us for breakfast. He shared great words of exhortation about the need and urgency of sharing the Gospel using the best technologies of our times. We recorded a raw video of his short talk so everyone can be encouraged and energized too.

Stories of New Websites

Our greatest joy is getting to tell the stories of ministries that are using .BIBLE domain names for their newest programs. At the Outcomes Conference 2018, we got the latest news from 2 of our ministry partners.

Leadership.Bible relaunched as a collaboration between Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) and Lead Like Jesus. The website previously was home for a CLA-specific leadership training program.

We were happy to hear of the new launch of the Howto.Bible website, where InterVarsity is sharing their proven methods to train people to lead transformational Bible studies.

Both of these are great stories and they deserve their own blog posts. That's what we will do in the next 2 blog posts, feature the story of each of these websites and organizations.

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