For Bible Scholars who Study the Scriptures: Idea #43

The Bible is unlike any book, authored by 40 authors over 1500+ years, with historical and cultural depth that touch on many academic disciplines. Beyond the devotional reading of the Scriptures and teaching the plain meaning of the text, there are many scholastic dimensions for studying the Bible’s original languages,... Read More

List of Websites for Learning Greek for Bible Study: Idea #41

The Bible is available today in modern English language translations along with thousands of other languages, but the Bible was originally written in Hebrew (for the Old Testament) and Greek (for the New Testament).

But knowing the modern Greek language will not be enough to understand the... Read More

How Photos could be the Best Bible Illustrations: Idea #40

User-generated content introduces a lot more variety and creativity than the clip art images of past decades. Now with social media and mobile apps, it’s become easier to add a quote, like a Bible verse, to a photo image taken with the built-in camera on a smartphone. 2 free... Read More

A Complete List of Mobile Bible Apps: Idea #39

With the constant development and release of new mobile devices comes with many more mobile Bible apps on all the various mobile platforms. That is to say, there’s more out there than iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). There’s also a bunch of other mobile operating systems, including:... Read More