Why the Old Testament is in the Bible: Idea #34

The Bible is divided into two parts, the Old Testament and New Testament. And each of these testaments make up a very valuable part of the whole for the story of God and the history of humankind.

In some circles of Christianity, there’s an emphasis placed... Read More

Why our website has a new domain name NIC.BIBLE

We have switched the domain name of this .BIBLE website to NIC.BIBLE from the previous domain BIBLETLD.ORG. What difference does this make? Let me expound:

First, this domain prominently demonstrates how the Internet now recognizes .BIBLE domain names. This is a massive undertaking that took... Read More

People Sharing Together on an Online Bible Study: Idea #33

Sometimes people can’t get together in person to do a traditional Bible study because they live hundreds or thousands of miles, live in different countries, or the city traffic is so bad that it’d take more time getting to and from a place than to connect with... Read More

Idea #32: One Bible with Many Churches, Denominations and Sects

The Word of God has been preserved for almost 2,000 years in the Christian Scriptures known as the Bible. Over the course of church history, that one book has resulted in thousands of denominations and sects.

How can one book have so many different interpretations and applications?

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How Websites Are Using New Domain Extensions

Growing numbers of websites from companies, organizations, and individuals are launching with new domain extensions (known as gTLDs, or generic top-level domains) on the Internet. Here at the .BIBLE Registry, we will be providing new .BIBLE domain names in the coming future and we’re just one of several... Read More

5 Different Ways of Blogging Through the Bible: Idea #31

Blogging provides a platform to share one’s Bible reading with the public and that can add an extra splash of motivation too. Found these 5 several different ways of blogging through the Bible:

One chapter a day through the whole Bible.

Courtney (at Women Living... Read More